​Martin Turner

After abandoning fine art as a teenager, Turner worked in IT for a decade before finding success in photography. Using wide angle lenses and bold compositions, his images capture architecture as we’ve never seen it before – looming and dynamic, with buildings as the hero rather than mere background. Turner has been shortlisted for the Landscape Photographer of the Year and won the Open House London Photography Competition. He has been exhibited internationally as part of the Sony World Photography Competition and been published in the Times, Telegraph and Time Out, as well as in photography journals in the UK and abroad. 2016 saw Turner’s return to fine art. Although more used to creating images in hundredths of a second than the 40 to 50 hours that his pencil drawings now take, he brings the same photographer’s eye to his art. It may be a new medium, but followers of Turner’s photography will see a familiar approach. Using pencils, Turner is producing images that are similarly decisive, obsessed with light and texture, and imbued with a confidence that comes from technical mastery of his medium.