Fuller Maps

“I’m drawing cartographical love letters”, Fuller

Fuller Maps is a series of works by British artist Fuller, aka Gareth Wood (b.1980). Fuller draws intricate works that narrate the identity of places. Using extensive exploration, local knowledge and lived experience, he immerses himself within a place to draw out its complex personality. His meticulous ink drawings comment on contemporary culture, entwined with curiosities, factoids, personal memories, stories and humour.

By mapping events Fuller provides a subjective account which is instantly relatable. In doing so, the artwork places prominence on shared knowledge and experience, a distinctive characteristic of Fuller’s work. The drawings are signifiers and often need deciphering to be understood. It is in the moments of contemplation that a dialogue begins whilst poring over the map. Whether the intended story is teased out or new stories are added, Fuller’s Maps create emotionally charged conversations. He is currently drawing a series of works for a planned solo show in 2025.