Rosie Webb

Rosie Webb (formally known as Rosalie Pryor) – a Bristol based illustrator who likes to work in a loose and expressive way using watercolour paint.

Rosie Webb graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 1998 after completing a degree in illustration and animation. She then moved to London and built up a wide range of clients including; The Guardian. The Times, Boden, Waitrose, Orion books and Rodale in the US.

In June last year Rosie moved back to her hometown Bristol, coincidentally the same day that Sarah Thorp opened the local gallery Room 212. Rosie’s work went straight up on the walls and proved a roaring success, Her adorable owl in red wellies and beautiful robin have become some of the gallery’s best sellers.

Her clients include: -The Saturday Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, Waitrose Food Illustrated, Jamie Oliver Magazine, Flora, Time Out London, Red Magazine (UK and Dutch), Esquire, Le Magazine (Holland), Organic Gardening (US), Harper’s Bazaar (Russia), Vogrug Sveta (Russia), Myself magazine (Germany), Orion books, Quarto Publishing, Tango Books, Roger la Borde & Booths Food Store.