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Disphoria Housecat – Mike Stuart (Print)



I have always loved cats for their mixture of cute affection and wild savagery. One thing I feel is detestable, is to keep cats as house cats, kept indoors permanently. It seems to be a particularly cruel thing to do to an animal that exults in it’s cat-world life of hunting, fighting and mating, forcing it to stay tamed into human dimensions of enforced 24 hour cuteness. I have a friend who’s neighbour has a house cat, and I feel sorry to see it staring sadly and fearfully out of the window when I visit the next house. It seems very sad that if the door was open, the cat probably would be too scared and overwhelmed by the outside world to venture out.

This piece was created after the realisation that we are all house cats now. Gone are those days of feral strutting from bar to club on Saturday nights… gone is the search for love and sex in the outside world. We remain tamed and fearful of the outside world.

The figure in the window looks out with the same sad expression as the house cat I would see. She also has the chat App filter that places cartoon cat parts on her face, because facetime is the closest we can get to human contact now. The face was based on the K-pop star Lisa, who stands for glamour and excitement, now limited and confined to four small walls.

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