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Rollmeknot Touch – Gaia Santuccio


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Artistic, visual direction and performers: Rollmeknot (Gaia Santuccio and Georgina Cassels).

Photograph shot by Irene Pepe.

Touch, purely as one of our five senses, has a huge emotional impact on humans. It has great benefits and it affects both short and long term well-being.

In the last few decades, people started to be cautious about touching others for a wide variety of reasons and with the beginning of a new life style which revolves around technology and the use of devises, people already began to detach, disconnect and therefore decrease the amount of physical contact with the rest of the world.

With the arrive of Covid 19 and new measures being taken for protection and respect sake, even handshakes are to be avoided. In an era when physical contact is banned, we like to reminisce of those times when it was taken for granted.

We are Rollmeknot, a contemporary circus duo specialising in aerial rope. Our image here is a representation of our work. We feel like it is necessary to remind. Concepts of community and the beauty and importance of real physical contact. Forgetting gender and identity matter. Body to body, skin to skin, flesh to flesh, all in one.


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