A Bristol born artist living in the heart of the city. The youngest of three, Diff was born in the summer of 1974.

Living in a big city Diff is exposed to many forms of street art, his interest in this grew bigger and the famous Bristol graffiti artist Banksy became his inspiration. Diff decided to learn the ‘art’ of stenciling, this was self-taught. He quickly took a different twist on this form of artwork. Creating thought provoking and humorous artwork using the stencil cut outs to produce multi-layer artwork. His artwork has been displayed over the streets of Bristol, Galleries such as Centre Space and has travelled from his home town to Ealing, London and as far as Australia.
This versatile artist uses many forms of medium. His artwork has been found on walls, canvas, trees, steelworks, glass, and more recently on the surfaces of toys, animal models and postage stamps. He has the unique ability to work beyond scale of real life structures and also able to create miniscule and detailed art on the likes of Her Majesties Stamps. Diff is a happy guy who promotes making the public smile. Often there is a humorous take on his artwork whilst also portraying images of the sad reality of war, poverty and greed.