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Call : 0780 4700 868

Specialists in high quality prints for artists, photographers & illustrators

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Cheap Valium For Sale Uk

Congrats Andy for such a candid article in The Huffington Post today.

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Valium Online India

“I think Keton and Kamraan would make a fitting piece for the Bristol Pound as they are not only Bristol boys, born and bred, but they represent Bristol’s ongoing support for conservation and saving the rare and endangered. With only 350 left in the world we should celebrate the fact that our city is home, and haven, to the most endangered large cat species in the world.”

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Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery Uk

I caught up with our client Yolande Henebery after she had been to the private view  at the Red Propeller gallery in Kingsbridge, South Devon which features her ‘Liquid Mistress’ work. 

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Buy Valium 5Mg Online Uk

Hot off the trail at Cheltenham – I caught up with Andrew last week about how the paint festival was for him and his new awesome work.
We are thrilled to have some of his originals at the studio for the festival.  Pop down and see us at St Werburghs Arts Trail  this weekend  23-24 September.  We are at Unit 8 with a great selection from our artists.

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Generic Valium Online

We are lucky enough to have four of his originals on display for St Werburghs Arts Trail.  Pop in and say hello this weekend.
Thomas and his work have been on quite a journey this year.  He exhibited at The New York Art Expo earlier this year and more recently was one of ten emerging artists to be chosen for a wonderful show up in London.  Fad magazine named  ‘It’s Art Call II’ at D-contemporary gallery’s exhibition of one of the top 7 exhibitions to see in London that week.

D Conteporary gallery said of his work ‘Thomas Dowdeswell pulls back the curtain on current, controversial issues with surreal political satire, challenging the viewer to confront, digest and empathise with multiple perspectives, both literally and theoretically.’

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Online Valium Canada

Just had a chat with Minion specialist (and 212 Productions Client) – The Agent about what he will be doing at Cheltenham.

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Buying Valium

Angus’s plans for Cheltenham Paint Festival

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Order Cheap Valium Online

Just had a quick chat with Lemak – really looking forward to his new piece at Cheltenham Paint Festival.  I’ve had a sneak peak and it’s going to be epic.

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Brand Name Valium Buy

I caught up with the wonderful Emma Caton ahead of this year’s Cheltenham Paint Festival and asked her what she is up to.

‘I’m doing a  new series of work titled #be_safe #be_seen.   It is a portrait of a friend who always has my back on the road.’ It starts the launch of a fabulous project that Emma is launching. 

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