Featured Artist at St Werburghs Arts Trail – Thomas Dowdeswell

Thomas and his work have been on quite a journey this year. He exhibited at The New York Art Expo earlier this year and more recently was one of ten emerging artists to be chosen for a wonderful show up in London. Fad magazine named ‘It’s Art Call II’ at D-contemporary gallery’s exhibition of one of the top 7 exhibitions to see in London that week.

D Conteporary gallery said of his work ‘Thomas Dowdeswell pulls back the curtain on current, controversial issues with surreal political satire, challenging the viewer to confront, digest and empathise with multiple perspectives, both literally and theoretically.’

A former American Studies student Thomas gives us his perspective on the Trump era with his stunning pieces in his American Series of paintings.

American Series Wailing Wall Blues 1 – He says The theme of The Wall, Donald Trumps threatened barrier remains a prevalent theme to the painting. There are three walls in the image. To the left hand side is a wall which resembles the Stars and Stripes flag but notable the stars have been removed from the flag and the stripes have been reversed. This inversion comments on the reversal of traditional democratic values and the blatant threat to the Old World Order. A second wall comprising white blocks stretches down the right hand diagonal of the painting. The white blocks resemble the walls of a prison or perhaps an asylum. A third wall just into the image from the left hand side. It is made of grey blocks and is incomplete suggesting that it hasn’t been finished or half of it has been destroyed.’

We are lucky enough to have four of his originals on display for St Werburghs Arts Trail. Pop in and say hello.

See you there

love Autie G

St Werburghs Arts Trail this weekend 23-24 September.

Unit 8, Parkway Trading Estate, St Werburgh’s Rd, Bristol, BS2 9PG,