See inside the urban dystopia of New Scunthorpe by Brett Buckle

Today’s featured client is Brett Buckle – see inside his dystopian world of New Scunthorpe

Brett Buckle (The Roach)

Set in the urban dystopia of New Scunthorpe, THE ROACH is an ongoing indie comic series that follows the stupefying misadventures of a distinctly unmotivated anti hero Roach, as he navigates a planet ruled by corporate greed, bent cops and crooked politicians…with the odd giant sex crazed ferret thrown into the mix. A chance encounter turns his life upside down as he and his perplexing purple paramour, Lyra, strike back at a world so ridiculous, it has to be a joke.

THE ROACH is a black comedy about love, belonging and self-worth. It’s about smoking nefarious substances. It’s about war, peace and the grey area in-between. It’s about realising that you can’t punch an idea, even though you might really, really want to. Most of all, it’s about having fun!

He is the bug on your windshield. He is the crunch under your boot. He is…THE ROACH!

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