Emma Caton – plans for Cheltenham

New work by Emma Caton launched at Cheltenham Paint Festival

I caught up with the wonderful Emma Caton ahead of this year’s Cheltenham Paint Festival and asked her what she is up to.

‘I’m doing a new series of work titled #be_safe #be_seen. It is a portrait of a friend who always has my back on the road.’ It starts the launch of a fabulous project that Emma is launching.

‘They will be available in hi -viz reflective vinyl and glow-in-the-dark stickers. These are being launched as alternative hazard/safety stickers and currently being put up in Copenhagen, Berlin, Russia, Mongolia and Japan etc by people I know travelling as well as sticker swaps world-wide. It is going to be documented and set up on its own instagram page after the festival.’

Way to go Emma!!


Auntie G

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