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The ‘Rona’ Day 2 – Keith Hopewell (Spzero76) Collaboration : Spzero76, Woskerski, HmmmBates


Day 2. 3 Artists. 1 Country.

I wanted to illustrate the spread of Coronavirus (or The ‘Rona) with the use of awesome illustrations from amazing illustrators. The idea was to hopefully make people understand why it’s important to ‘Stay Home’ at the moment and avoid as much contact with people from outside your household as possible. It spreads pretty quick, and the illustrations show this. We ended up with 163 Artists from 21 Countries at ‘The Peak’ on day 22.

The project spread from the UK to the Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, Germany, USA, France, Iran, Dubai, Thailand, Romania, India, Chile, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina, Italy, Indonesia, Colombia, Bulgaria and Spain!

Collaboration : Spzero76, Woskerski, HmmmBates

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