COVID_2020 Virtual Exhibition

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Selected modular atmospheres vol. 2 by Aragorn

Spread Art Not Rona

This fantastic print is a collaboration piece with 163 artists all over the world. This is for sale on NO TOYS ALLOWED SITE.

COVID_2020 Virtual Gallery Book now available

Available NOW !!! £36 All profits go to the NHS Heroes

Archiving artistic reflections of these testing times we have found ourselves in…showcasing the meaningful artworks & descriptions of these lockdown creations of our 18 finalists that appeared in the actual virtual exhibition.

Submerged by Andrew Burns Colwill

Struggling to make headway in an ocean of confusion, polluted by a virus no one really understands, holding your P.P.E. in one hand and clinging to oxygen and breathing gear in the other, while gasping for air ones self, surely, cannot be an easy place to be. This is how I feel many of our frontline medical staff must be feeling at present, with neither their feet on the ground or their heads above water it must be a truly daunting experience, made especially terrifying if you have to leave your families behind while you work tirelessly to help others.

Personally I have total and unreserved respect for any of the frontline services who manage to keep us all going during these unpredictable times, and that is why I wish to make my own small donation to our frontline workers worldwide by donating all profits from sales of a signed print run from the above painting.

Our 18 finalists

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The COVID_2020 Virtual Gallery Book

All profits made on this book shall go to the NHS…they need our support so get in touch if you are interested in purchasing a copy. Price depends on demand!  

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