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Specialists in high quality prints for artists, photographers & illustrators

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Neil has given me my own little bit of the website so I can share news from 212 HQ and give you some behind the canvas, lens, drawing board insights about our fabulous clients.  If you are one of our clients and have got an exhibition coming up – or you’ve got news, let me know as we like celebrating your successes too.

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Another of Giles’ key themes across the years has been his abstract expressionistic portraiture of female faces.  He says  ‘I concentrate on key points cheekbones, and the proportions which are soft and gentle.   When you take the eyes out of the equation people view things through the eyes – so many people judge a book by it’s cover and if people are blind they can’t judge a person  by what they see.  Similarly people don’t know if someone is ill with something they can’t see.’

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This is Andy’s vision good and bad for the year 20/50.  He sees both sides – yes the destruction through our impact causing climate change, but also technological advances meaning we will be able to grow beef and body parts from DNA, and there is reflection and the recognition of the need for reflection – spaces and people without a cell phone – time to be mindful.

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Set in the urban dystopia of New Scunthorpe, THE ROACH is an ongoing indie comic series that follows the stupefying misadventures of a distinctly unmotivated anti hero Roach, as he navigates a planet ruled by corporate greed, bent cops and crooked politicians…with the odd giant sex crazed ferret thrown into the mix.

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Diazepam Valium Online Uk

The horse in the forefront is created using silvers and is juxtaposition against the donkey with a background of wrapping paper I found in Portugal a couple of years ago. It seemed to just go really well, with a pattern of dancers and red, yellow and blue symbols.

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